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I was so so so excited when I received the notification for my first scholarship award letter.  As a foster child, I knew I needed scholarships in order to attend college or I could not go. I was an honor student so I knew that I would be eligible for the bigger scholarships.  Global Grants & Scholarship Solutions has made my dream of attending college come true. They literally completed all of the scholarship documents for me.  They did everything.  My Mom made sure she signed the approval that allowed GGSS to communicate with my counselors at my high school and the university.  I called the university to make sure this was real.  They confirmed that my scholarship awards had been received.  *D. Truman Illinois State University*


Global Grants & Scholarship Solutions helped me complete my FAFSA/ Federal Student Aid documents and several scholarships requests.  I have Autism and I really needed their help. My Advisor at GGSS told me not to be concerned because they would complete the paperwork on my behalf.  Thank goodness they did.   I am the proud recipient of  3 scholarships.   *A. Capaldi Michigan State University*  




My Mom is not very good at reading and my Dad does not live with us.  I knew I wanted to attend college, but we had no money. I heard about Global Grants & Scholarship Solutions through my friend’s Mom.  We went to the Scholarship Fair and I explained to my Mom that they would do all the work for us.  She gave me the money to pay for their services and I received 1 scholarship for Accounting and 1 for my academic achievement.  Together the scholarships equaled $14,500.00.  I went back to G.G.S.S. after my freshman year of college, and I received the same scholarship 2 years in a row and in May I will apply again.  *T. Reed University of Chicago*

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