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About Us

Global Grants and Scholarship Solutions (G.G.S.S.) is a research company that specializes in researching government and private foundation’s scholarships and grants. G.G.S.S. is a global company, servicing all district-wide High School juniors and seniors, through private Scholarship Fairs, approved by The Board of Education.

Our objective is to provide effective pragmatic advice to each client.  Our vision is to efficiently assist them with meeting their goals. G.G.S.S’s clients consist of High School juniors and seniors, Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s), Religious Organizations, Hospitals, and Businesses. G.G.S.S. have mastered a concise technique that is duplicated from counties to cities and from States to Countries.  We have successfully assisted thousands globally with the expertise of applying for grants and scholarships.

Global Grants and Scholarship Solutions was founded in 2002. The idea of assisting others with funding in education, 501c3’s for businesses and Non-Profit Organizations was implemented simply because there was an overwhelming need. Global Grants & Scholarship Solutions’ motto is: “A formula through funding for ALL students and ALL businesses is the main ingredient to a successful future.”

Global Grants and Scholarship Solutions is the ONLY Research Company that provides a hands-on scholarship application process in partnership with students, parents, and school counselors. Our goal is to significantly increase the number of high school students attending colleges and universities. We provide a step-by-step process to thoroughly and accurately complete a scholarship and/or grant request.  Applying all clients for a scholarship or grant request to fit their individual need is ultimately the secret pathway to success.

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